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For the latest on TheDougem and his plans, goals, and doings, look Behind The Curtain above, and check out his Twitter feed.

The author is a college student who enjoys gaming, swimming, history, sword fighting, and photography. He is a rookie blogger who wants to extend his break from writing about politics on Digg by writing and vlogging about something fun – like Total War.

The focus of this blog is to follow and document exceedingly difficult campaigns in the Total War series of computer games, currently focusing on Medieval Two Kingdoms. Linked to this blog is the author’s Youtube Channel, the main housing of TheDougem’s work, and the author’s Livestream Channel.

Please remember, the author is a college student, with a chaotic schedule



Have questions, comments, suggestions, support or hate mail? Lay on the love or hate at:

Current Updating Schedule
Highly subject to change at this time


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Please comment and watch the author’s videos! More traffic and user interaction will result in interactive content for the audience and a happy blogger! Happy bloggers are good bloggers who make good posts. Also, user requests will be seriously considered (if they’re serious in nature) and I’ll attempt to answer any questions about any of the games I play, espcially during livestream.

Current need: Not requested but appreciated; I do have a job

Also consider donating some funds using the button below. This money will be used to:

  • Buy better production software
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  • Support the ‘Feed TheDougem Fund’. Literally.

Donation Button (most direct): It’s right down there. Consider it a tip jar, if nothing else.

Thank you for your support folks. It’ll help keep me going – and honestly, your attention and time are more than enough.

Current Multiplayer games:
Ever feel like just shooting that dumb blogger in the face? Want to succinctly and civilly rationalize your anger about his slow update schedule by firing high explosives at his skull and collapsing a house on top of him? Now’s your chance!

Bad Company 2 (inactive): TheDougem
Battlefield 3 (inactive): TheDougem

Nothing public at this time. Sorry! 😦


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